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As Facebook nears its one millionth Irish user (Irish Times today*) a timely warning from CareerBuilder that Social Media could severely damage your career prospects.

CIO Insight ** reports research from CareerBuilder*** which finds that inappropriate information posted on Social Media sites is increasingly being taken into account by potential employers.

So consider taking down those (at the time) hilarious photos of you slugging a flagon of cider by the neck. A bottle of 1984 Chateau Talbot will not do you much good either unless your interviewer is a wine snob who admires your taste in wine if not your means of imbibing it.

CareerBuilder interviewed 2,600 employers in the US. Almost half (46%) said they use Social Media sites to research job candidates - more than double last year. And IT was the sector most likely to review Social Media sites with 63% of hiring managers checking them out.

Over a third of potential employers discovered content that caused them to turn down a candidate. However, it’s not all bad news. Almost one in five surveyed said they found content which helped them hire a candidate, the most important being personality fit.

So when it comes to Social Media and business, the lesson seems to be plenty of worthy photos from your volunteering in Haiti and less from your bawdy hen/stag/divorce party in Amsterdam.


Ronnie Simpson BBS, FPRII is founder of Simpson Financial & Technology Public Relations which won the 2009 PR Excellence Award for New Media. He was one of the first Irish PR bloggers. (

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